What we're accepting

We're preparing for our holiday break, so from December 1 to 24 we'll ONLY be accepting items we NEED:

We need those Perfect Giftable Toys: Pokemon Cards, Lego, Magna Tiles, Schleich, MLP, Star Wars & More!
We don't need any games or books (except graphic novels: Nate, Lumber Jane, Dogman, Cat Kid etc).
Umbrella Strollers,, stroller boards, Blundstones, Waterproof Boots and shoes & winter Lululemon anytime ūüėČ

We'll provide updates and inform you of customer demands. Thank you for your patience. Regular drop offs will resume in the new year.
We are closed from December 24 to January 2 for family time. 

We can only accept 2 reuseable shopping bags once per month.  So please presort and bring us your BEST PIECES.  

We accept RAIN and SWIM wear all year round 

Back to school items include CLEAN backpacks, lunch boxes, bento box lunch kits, stainless water bottles and all the clothing they need to start the year.

High demand items rain gear, Kickee Pants, Kyte, Jax & Lennon, Little & Lively, MEC, Keens, Natives, Whistle & Flute, BONDS, Tea, Wheat, Zara and small shops.  Larger size sleep sacs, Merino wool kids items (nature school), cleats and shin pads, ballet shoes & dance tights, Glider/Balance bikes and all the spring/summer gear.  We will be placing 100's of your items online, the high demand items are what Canadian Mama's are looking for.  We are shipping all across Canada

Womens' Wear: brands like Lululemon, Aritzia (TNA, Wilfred ), Free People, Babaton Levis, Smoking Lily and similar shops are hot sellers!  Because we are both a kids and women's consignment store our customers tend to purchase more casual clothing from our women's section so please keep this in mind (no high heels, business, formal wear)

Women's & Maternity WINTER wear of high quality.  We currently are low on Maternity rompers and overalls, shorts and leggings.

Please note: Sailor Jack is no longer able to accept car seats or high chairs for consignment, regardless of age or condition. 

We only accept items that are in good/like new condition for consignment:

  • For clothing, ensure the items are freshly laundered, paying attention for stains, fading, broken zippers, missing buttons, pilling and any other signs of wear.¬† Please button/zip/snap up items and ensure they are right side out then fold the items neatly when placing them in the bag. No shoes in boxes please.¬† We only accept clothing manufactured in last 5 years.¬†¬†
  • For toys and gear, ensure the items are clean, they have all the pieces, and have been tested to ensure they work. These items need to be fully functional and recent (within 3 years) and meet all safety standards).

Due to space constraints, we need to be highly selective and DO NOT ACCEPT value brands such as:

  • Walmart brands (George, 725, Cherokee, Simply Basic)
  • Carters/Oshkosh (PJ's, Rain gear & swim wear only)
  • Nevada
  • Savannah
  • Absorba
  • Gerber
  • JOE Fresh (PJs accepted)¬†

We DO ACCEPT name brand women's clothing... GAP and up. Our most popular brands at the moment are Lululemon, Aritzia and equivalent. 

We value each of you as consignors!  Please don't be offended if we say no thank you to some of your perfectly good items.  It may simply mean we have too many in stock that are similar, or its an item that doesn't sell well to our clientele, may show a little wear, or the style might be a little dated for our store.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 
Marnie and her amazing team ;)