Covid-19 Precautions in effect as of May 27, 2020

Welcome Back,  please read about the changes we've made to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff. 

Face masks are mandatory as of Nov. 19, 2020

Customer Capacity: 

  • 3 customers at any time.  Each child needs a peg and must remain with parent.  If there are no pegs we are at capacity, please wait until one becomes available. 

Changes for In-store Shopping

If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms please do not enter the store. You can shop with us online: we're putting up new consignment every day.

  • Before entering the store, please take 1 sanitized clothes-peg per person. If one is not available, this indicates we are at capacity. Please line up until one becomes available.
  • Use the provided hand sanitizer at the front door before entering the shop.
  • Please practice safe social distancing and ensure your children are as well
  • Please keep waiting customers in mind while shopping.

Changes for Consignment Drop-offs

LABEL your 1 bag of consignment with:

  • Name & Date
  • D’ for donate items we do not accept
  • R’ for return of items we do not accept

If the shop is full and you just want to drop off, RING the bell beside the mail box to alert us of your drop off. Otherwise, bring it inside as usual.

Please refrain from Saturday drop-offs, it’s our busiest day to sell your items and with the Covid-19 safety measures the shop will be at capacity.

We have limited donation pickups so please ensure your items are presorted to our guidelines or we are unable to accept your drop off.